OOYAH Foley & Percs For Cool People

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OOYAH Foley & Percs For Cool People

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Foley & Percs For Cool People contains a grand total of 71 carefully recorded sounds designed to add organic feel and grunge to nail that DIY soundscape and spice up your productions! 

  • Overcome the lifeless digital silence and emptiness that has come with modern technology and go back to the good old days of dirty & warm sounds that filled records with life and grit! 
  • 71 sounds ready to go carefully processed and optimized for modern music making!
  • Great for Hip-Hop, Lo-fi, R&B, Indie, Bedroom Pop, Alt. Pop & everything in between!

Demo: https://youtu.be/Y2d81gv03Ys

Most of these sounds are highly flexible and produce interesting and useful results when mangled, pitched and stretched so the sky is the limit with what you can rhythmically achieve with the sounds you'll find in this pack. 

These sounds were designed with the style and sound characteristics I enjoy and use everyday in my productions in mind!

Earn your cool person certificate with the purchase of your copy of OOYAH Foley & Percs for cool people!

I want this!

Loops, Foley and Percussion sounds!

Percs & Foley Loops
Foley One-Shots
Perc One-Shots
Ambiance Noise
Cool Person Certificate
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